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For easy reference here are a few of our frequently asked questions. Please don't hesitate to contact us individually if you don't find the answer to your question below.

If I purchase the app on my iPhone, can I use it on other iOS devices?

YES! Purchase the app a single time and use it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.

Is the app content updated annually?
We actually update the app’s content more than annually. However, it would be difficult to notice any significant changes, primarily because not much is added each year. In fact, all the “big guys” only say they update their material annually as a sales gimmick. Don’t take my word for it? Compare 2004 study books (usually free at your school library) to the most recent books and you’ll notice the information is nearly an exact match.

Why does this app cost more than other EPPP apps?
A lot of time and effort was put into making this app, from condensing the most “need-to-know” information to linking the cards to websites. Also, ours is the most comprehensive mobile EPPP app, addressing every content area covered on the actual exam. The amount, quality, and presentation of the content in the others apps pale in comparison.

Is this app all I need to pass the EPPP the first time?
While we are uncomfortable making such assertions, many users who passed the exam have contacted us to tell us our app is all they used to study. With the option to retrieve more information about a particular topic provided on most cards, there really is no need to purchase other study materials! Rather, we recommend concerned users get their hands on an old (free) set of study books and use them alongside our app.

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